Laying the Foundation for a Strong Security Posture

Securing the enterprise is not just a role for CISOs, but a responsibility that flows
across the organization. As cybercrime becomes more prevalent and the threat
actors more sophisticated, it’s imperative for organizations to acknowledge that
they’re already operating in a contested environment. Defending your organization
with this mindset is what determines success or failure.

CISOs, CIOs, executive teams and boards of directors must work together to design
and implement a security strategy that enables them to prevent attacks where
possible, quickly detect attacks that can’t be prevented, respond when required, then
take the information and predict where the hackers are going next.

As organizations begin to realize that compliance doesn’t equate to security, CISOs
must be primed to take the lead in assuring security programs are designed to
support their specific organization’s business needs.
The Cyber Threat: Is Your Company Prepared? kicks off the report with an overview
provided by Dell SecureWorks CEO, Mike Cote prompting security leaders to:

• Acknowledge the “chronic” nature of the risk
• Address the risk with a minimum of three requirements
The Path Ahead for Security Leaders sets the stage for this report by creating a
roadmap that will help CISOs address issues, including:
• How to balance your focus on both business strategy and security operations
• Why proactive communication across the organization is needed for clarity of
goals and for checks and balances
• How proactive measures can stop threat actors earlier in the Kill Chain
• Why identifying critical data is the starting point for building a security
architecture that supports the organization
Designing a Security Communications Framework makes the case for a structured
communications flow and highlights:
• The consequences of not developing a successful communications framework
• Why a structured approach is critical for ongoing effective security programs
• Cross-enterprise considerations related to the people and teams involved